Business Health Check

The Business Health Check is a comprehensive review of the business across its different aspects. Though often having a similar scope of areas to review to the scope of a Quick Review, the Business Health Check goes into considerably more depth. The results of this detailed assessment give rise not only to Quick Win recommendations, but those across the medium and long-term as well. Typical review areas include but are not limited to:

  • Organisation structure and its effect on governance, culture, overall performance, operational costs and numbers of staff.
  • Key staff capability and capacity.
  • Market position compared to competitors, customers, potential changes and opportunities that can be leveraged.
  • Development and implementation of effective strategies including:
    – Business growth,
    – Sales and marketing, and
    – Financial control.

  • Resource utilisation – staff, materials, plant and other relevant.
  • Supply chain and materials management.
  • Financials including:
    – Financial delegation,
    – Analysis of financial performance and trends by the financial management team.
    – Assumptions and exposure to risk.
    – Forecasting and reporting capability.

  • Performance and information management, including:
    – Integration of systems and integrity of data.
    – Use and relevance of Key Performance Indicators.
    – Staffs’ understanding of their role in performance management, monitoring and control.
    – Board and other reporting.

Following concluding the Business Health Check, we can either assist companies implement the recommendations (passive and supporting role) or if required, can lead the implementation process (active role).