Health Services

Promentor has broad experience in working across different healthcare services and at various levels in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors including:

  • Network services – multiple campuses across a region, State or Territory.
  • Metropolitan and Regional/Rural Hospitals – single or multi-site.
  • Departments – such as medical imaging, emergency care and cardiology.

The Healthcare Directorate of Promentor has expertise in:

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1. Process Review

1. Process review resulting in lower cost, efficient and safe patient care through:

– Capacity and workforce modelling.
– Procurement and other logistical processes within health services.
– Performance reporting and management.

2. Organisational Change Management

2. Organisational Change Management through:

– Implementation of effective governance and the development of an appropriate accountability framework.
– Communication, collaboration and breaking down silos.
– Identifying and overcoming resistance to change.

3. Establishing Healthcare Informatics Systems

3. Establishing Healthcare Informatics Systems in relation to:

– Information governance and security.
– Business requirements gathering.
– Electronic records specification.
– System integration.
– Project management and project audit.

For further information about our health service capability or to discuss a potential engagement, please contact Gary Tescher by email at