Mentorship of Leaders and the Leadership Team

Due to our extensive experience in running different sized organisations, from small to multinational conglomerates, we can mentor business leaders to provide necessary support and guidance as and when needed. One senior consultant is assigned to work with individuals or small leadership teams to support them in whatever area they require. Examples where this is beneficial include leaders of companies that started small and then have grown substantially over a short period of time. Often the leaders running these companies, do not have prior executive experience in other organisations and therefore can benefit from the advice and ongoing light-touch guidance from a seasoned executive.

A senior consultant meets with the company’s leader or leadership team once a month for a few hours or as agreed to be necessary by both parties. The company’s leader(s) direct the focus of the meeting so that they obtain the maximum benefit from this. The senior consultant grows a good working relationship based on trust with the company leader(s) and through the mentorship, will develop their business skills and acumen resulting in better business performance.