Commercial/Operational Testimonials

Leading Tier 1 Bank

“Many thanks again for your support Gary and that of the Promentor team. The ‘Promentor Report” has unearthed numerous areas that need work and some of these changes we have already implemented (i.e. computer system). Further changes will require a mindset change on the part of senior management or, as you say, will require a period of ‘embedding’. I would welcome the opportunity to visit the operation over the next month to assist with embedding and to recognise them for their efforts in embracing these changes.”
CM – Major Bank

Private Equity Company

“Companies that identify poor performance and recognise that they need to act quickly will minimise further financial losses and be better positioned to take full advantage of turnaround opportunities. We have quickly increased our chance of successful outcomes with our investments, with the active assistance of Promentor.”
DD – Fund Management

Print Company

“I want to thank you for putting us in touch with Promentor. My initial reaction was ‘Oh no not another consultant’ but they have been of enormous value and not like any other group we have been involved with before. They really understood our business and the problems we have to face as they have all run their own successful businesses.”
KP – Managing Director
DD – Fund Management

Major Bank

“Gary – thanks for your help with this client. A lot was achieved with Promentor’s involvement, and now this client needs to ensure the newly placed GM continues to improve trading, efficiency, cost control, etc. We will keep an eye on how he performs over the next few months. Thanks again.”
BH – Major Bank