Process Mapping

Our team will work with client teams to document key business processes and associated metrics to provide better understanding of current processes, to discover process inefficiencies, and enable identification of where opportunities to make improvements can be leveraged.

Collaborative working in this manner assists with reducing resistance to change because the affected team are involved at the start and can clearly see where issues lie and how they can be resolved. Due to both the current and proposed processes being documented, the company has a baseline against which they can track performance improvement following process change and can update when other changes need to be made in future.

The team employed to undertake this type of work are very experienced and have ‘real-world’ experience in successfully using these techniques to drive reform in prior roles. Additional to their technical skills in this area, the team members have a collaborative and supportive approach enabling them to quickly develop a good working relationship with those staff assigned to work with them.

Examples of key metrics assessed during this review process include but are not limited to:

  • Time the process steps take to complete.
  • Dependencies to and from process steps and process paths.
  • Resources required to carry out the process (number/skill etc).
  • Number of times process steps are carried out.
  • Hand-off steps from resources and to other process steps/paths.
  • Overall cost of carrying out the process.