Quick Review Service

The Promentor Quick Review Service is conducted over a five-day period and results in a report that summarises the results of the assessment of the company across different domains at a high-level, namely:

  • The ability of the organisation structure to meet operational requirements and strategic objectives.
  • Capability of the leadership team (executive and other key managerial staff).
  • Capability of the IT systems to provide meaningful information on which informed business decisions can be made.
  • How available information is used by the company.
  • The position of the company in the market in comparison with key competitors.
  • How finances are controlled and the effectiveness of these measures.
  • How cashflow is maintained and where it can be improved.
  • The identification of inefficiencies and/or duplication of effort relating to business processes.
  • The performance of the company in comparison with similar organisations. Key indicators include overheads, direct labour and material costs as well as pipeline to order conversion rates and other indicators relating to staff.

The report identifies if more in-depth assistance is required for the company and can be used to assess synergies when an acquisition is under consideration. This service may also be requested immediately after acquisition to identify key strengths and weaknesses in each of the companies involved. This allows retention of the positive aspects and either removal or improvements to be made where the reverse is found. Recommendations made will relate to the findings, be practical and will identify quantifiable benefits. Quick win opportunities will be identified that will allow optimum benefit to be realised with minimum investment of resources.

Examples of when the Quick Review Service may be requested to be performed include:

  • Identification of areas to carry out a more detailed review when it is evident that performance is not optimum but the cause is not fully understood.
  • Prior to obtaining new or re-finance for the company.
  • General assessment of how the company is performing against its expected performance identified in its strategies.
  • Prior to or just after acquisition by another company.
  • Identifying opportunities that can be leveraged in terms of improving financial return, increasing efficiency and/or market position.