Review Process

One of our review tools enables the assessor to quantify performance across different business domains and then produces a visual output. This output provides an easily understandable visual representation of performance across different domains and clearly identifies the areas where activities need to be focussed. This tool may equally be used as part of a pre-lend assessment or as a component in a Business Health Check.

Our eight-step process, which is more commonly used on longer-term engagements supports implementation phases:

Health Review Services

Team members with extensive health service operational and clinical backgrounds are assigned to health service assignments. This approach assists in achieving engagement with clinicians and clinical operational staff more rapidly due to having credibility. Additionally, this also allows reviews to be very focussed, issues able to be identified quickly and practical resolutions suggested. Where specific input is needed due to specialisation of the service, experienced contacts from our network who have this knowledge are consulted or brought in to assist with the engagement. This is of course, following prior discussion with our client.

In all health service engagements, we maintain a patient centric focus to ensure safe care delivery, optimal clinical outcomes and consumer experience in addition to improving efficiency, reducing costs and improving service utilisation. A similar concept is used to when we undertake reviews of corporate services in that we carry out a high-level review, identify Quick Wins and then drill down into key issues identified. We also use similar successful and proven techniques, such as process mapping, governance assessment and financial analysis as part of the review and tailor these as necessary.