Promentor provide several services to clients according to their requirements. Prior to undertaking an engagement, we will have an in-depth discussion to work out what is required. Generally, engagements are run in phases as often what are thought to be the main issues are symptoms of another cause and this will be identified during a high-level review (first phase). The high-level review, in addition to enabling focus on issues, allows opportunities to be leveraged that provide maximum benefit with least investment (Quick Wins). Quick wins are also beneficial in achieving stakeholder engagement as they can see the improvements made soon after change is implemented, which has the added advantage of increasing the appetite for change in later phases. An example of the process and what occurs in each phase is shown in the graphic below:

For an engagement, the team members are selected based on expertise, experience and how they will fit with the client and their team. Where specific skills are required to support an engagement, we will call upon members of our network or other consultancy organisations for part or the entirety of the engagement. This approach provides a complete package to our client and provides the best return of investment. Acknowledging that funding these projects can be an issue, different pricing models are available and these will be negotiated and agreed prior to commencing an engagement.

Generally, the Promentor team works alongside existing management to effect the changes needed to gain the desired improvements and profitability, however when necessary or required we are also able to replace the management team. This approach results in us taking an active role in identifying and implementing necessary measures to turnaround a company. During engagements, we aim to minimise disruption to the operations of a company and as such, avoid organisational restructuring unless it has been identified and confirmed during the review that it is absolutely necessary.

Promentor believes in transparency and as such, a proposal will be documented identifying the scope as known, pricing structure for the engagement and other arrangements, such as confidentiality between the parties. This proposal will be executed by both parties prior to the commencement of the engagement. At all times, our client is kept aware of progress through individual meetings and accurate reports. A project management framework will be applied in accordance to the scope, complexity and size of the engagement, recognising that some engagements will not require this level of governance or may only need a light-touch.