Leading Australian Businesses Back
to Growth

All leaders recognise that efficiency, profitability and accountability are key to success. Not all leaders know how to make this a reality. Promentor do.

We are an Australian management consultancy who lead businesses back to growth. We use an eight-step process to improve performance and profitability for companies across Australia.

We are more than advisors.
We are active participants.

Post-assessment, Promentor implement our recommendations while supporting your staff through the transition. We understand the importance of transparency and provide regular progress reports to keep you up to date. Your proposal document also outlines a clear project scope and pricing structure.

Many management consultancies provide surface solutions. Promentor dig deeper. We identify the root causes of business issues and provide practical solutions for sustainable, continual improvement. Over 15 years of successful operation, we’ve partnered with CEOs, CFOs, government officials and other decision-makers to create change and build healthy cultures. Do business better with Promentor.

The Promentor team

Promentor have 30+ highly qualified consultants throughout Australia. They are all experts in their chosen field and most have real-world experience leading profitable companies. We believe tailored communications achieve the best results. Our experts work effectively with staff at all levels from team members to top-level management or the Board of Directors.

Our services

Hands on service and a direct approach to problem solving is the Promentor way. We cut to the chase so that you have practical solutions for poor performance sooner.

Every project begins with a high-level review to identify the appropriate services for your unique business needs.

During the review, we seek out Quick Wins that will provide immediate improvements.

We personally select the most relevant services that will achieve your goals for performance and profitability.

Learn more about our services, or visit areas of expertise for details on the industries we regularly support.

Our results

At Promentor, we believe in concrete results. Our case studies provide an overview of the key actions taken and real results we’ve had for our clients. These include examples from some of Australia’s biggest industries and leading brands.

Do business better
with Promentor

Efficient, profitable business is possible with Promentor.

To learn more about our team, our services or our approach to growth – contact us. Send a message using the online form and our team will reach out to you soon.